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Single sharing : 10k / Month
Double sharing : 5.5k / Month
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Single sharing : 10k / Month
Double sharing : 5.5k / Month
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Single sharing : 10k / Month
Double sharing : 5.5k / Month
Flat #4
Single sharing : 10k / Month
Double sharing : 5.5k / Month
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Single sharing : 10k / Month
Double sharing : 5.5k / Month

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About Us

The Company was started on April 2017, with its office situated in Bangalore.Initially, the idea was tried out with four-five houses. Fortunately, in a short span of time and with dedication and continuous efforts from its employees, ithas positioned itself as a "Managed Home Rental" marketplace, focused on singles.

All Rentwala.co.in provides houses on rentthat are fully furnished with zero brokerage fees. The company takes care of all the issues related to maintenance of the houses that we provide on rent.

Through our Website, Rentwala.co.inwe provide users with access to crash in after you’ve burnt the midnight oil behind your desk, or at the mall, or at the movies. In short, any excuse to keep you away from home as long as possible. You just can’t find a space you can call your own, a communal space where you can invite friends, cook up a storm, and celebrate life.

That’s why we created RENTWALA.CO.IN. Because we believe that Bachelors (both men and women) are the strong pillars of our nation and they deserve better. We believe that every individual has a right to live well in an inclusive society. We believe that homes should be warm, secure, classy and affordable and we believe that no City should be a stranger to a Bachelor in a new city.


We provide 1BHK apartments to 8BHK premium villas with swimming pools. Currently, Rentwala.co.in accommodates more than 90 Flats in Bangalore.

All Rentwala.co.in homes provide mattress, sofa, TV, fridge, washing machine, microwave, tea maker, toaster, free Electric bill, Free Wi-Fi bill, free drinking water, free housekeeping every day and a well-furnished kitchen. From providing support while moving in to providing maintenance service and paying rent, everything can be done through its app.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

  • To go above and beyond the expectations of the clients and deliver an experience that fulfills their specific needs. We realize our business is based on relationships and every individual interaction makes a difference.
  • We diligently work with the people we serve and guide them as well. Because they are people first, and clients second.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most professional and ethical renting company in Bangalore and to positively impact our clients and our community. We believe in:

  • Working honestly to deliver our best to every client’s needs
  • Being available to our clients for 24*7
  • Using our experience to benefit our customers
  • Treating every client important
  • Being committed to our business
  • Working hard and turn our clients into our fans

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